Mossop wants England’s number 10 shirt


Wigan prop Lee Mossop wants to make the England number 10 shirt his own, ahead of the 2013 Rugby League World Cup.

Mossop played in the second Exiles match earlier this season for England, and realises there are others who would happily take his place in the national side.

He said: “If I can keep training and I can develop as a prop, then that’s my number one goal to be England’s number one prop.

“I’m under no illusions that there are a few more props who would like that as well.”

With former England captain Jamie Peacock now retired from the international scene, Mossop knows there is a spare shirt that needs to be filled. 

Mossop believes that from being a part England teams and Elite Training Squads in the past, he has learnt a lot from Peacock, and that can be used to his advantage.

Mossop said: “Jamie Peacock is a player I have looked up to. To be around those players and look how they handle themselves around training, and how they prepare for games, was massive for me.

“I think I picked up leadership qualities and how he handles himself around the players. He just has that aura about him and people instantly respect that. That is something I want, but I have to earn that first.”

Peacock was on hand to present the England team with their shirts ahead of the second Exiles match. Mossop said it was a bitter sweet moment, knowing he would represent his country but he had failed to make the run on side.

He said: “That was a privilege to receive that shirt off him. In the back of my mind I was wishing it was the number 10 shirt, but that’s just another goal of mine to hopefully get that number 10 shirt.

“There were a lot of young players in that team, and international appearances don’t come by chance. You earn them but you have to keep hold of them to make sure you get another.”