Montreal and Vancouver could follow Ottawa in to RFL set-up

James Gordon

Ottawa have been given the green light to join League One from as early as next season, and Eric Perez says Montreal and Vancouver could soon follow.

Perez, who was one of the consortium behind the launch of the Toronto Wolfpack and is still a shareholder, purchased the Hemel Stags licence and has had the relocation approved.

They could join the league in 2020, but may wait until 2021.

A report on CBC in Canada, said: “Perez says he expects rugby league to spread to more Canadian cities, saying he has already been contacted by groups in Montreal and Vancouver.

Perez said: “This could be a big thing for Canada.

“It’s at our discretion … Better to do it right that do it rushed.”

Perez also says he hopes to introduce Canadian talent via the Ottawa team, and could create a new Canadian cup competition so they can face the Wolfpack even when in separate divisions.

The RFL confirmed that the Ottawa bid had gained approval from clubs and would, with a bit of work, be able to participate in 2020.

Another bid from New York has been encouraged to work towards entry in 2021.