Mike Rush critical of referee Thierry Alibert


St Helens acting head coach Mike Rush blasted referee Thierry Alibert after his side’s 33-32 defeat to Wakefield.

Rush began a scathing attack on the match official, and said that the Frenchman lacked any control throughout the game.

He said: “I’m going controversial here, he kills us. Every time we’ve had Thierry Alibert this year we’ve ended up in a game like that. 

“For instance, Lee Gaskell jumps for the ball, catches it and is knocked but we don’t get a penalty, we have to drop out.

“I appreciate I will get in trouble for that but every single time we have this fella he absolutely hammers the game. I’m not just saying he hammers us, I’m sure Richard Agar feels the same, but today he just killed us.”

However Rush praised the Wildcats for their win insisting Richard Agar’s men still deserved the win, but he reiterated his frustration at the referee.

Rush said: “Take nothing away from Wakefield, they were very good, have been on a good run of form and fully deserved the win because we weren’t great, but I am sick of being involved with games where Thierry has games like that.”