McDermott: We’re not safe yet

Leeds might be top of the Middle 8s with three wins from three, but coach Brian McDermott insists there is a long way to go before they secure their Super League status for next season.

Leeds continued their unbeaten run in the Qualifiers with a win over London yesterday.

“We have got another tough couple of games coming up before we can say that we are qualified for next year,” McDermott told Sky Sports.

“It’s a difficult position that we’re in and it’s difficult to manage because we’ve won but we don’t really want to be here as well.

“I make no apologies for that. We would rather be at the top of the table mixing it with them fellas.

“This is a challenge in itself coming down to London playing on a different surface and against a very competitive team and they had a real dig today so we are going to be pleased with the win.

London did reduce the deficit the two four-pointers late in the second-half, and McDermott admitted the Championship side proved tricky opposition.

“There were a couple of tries which weren’t down to us clocking off, they were good tries and that will be something which we are disappointed with.

“They tested our honesty in the second-half. A big wind, I don’t know if it came across on TV but this is a huge wind.

“If it was behind you it was like a wind in your sails which had a bearing.

“I thought we managed that in the first half really well and looked like we were going to be in a really dominant position in the second-half but London just kept testing and coming back.”




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