McDermott calm after loss

Leeds coach Brian McDermott says he was not disappointed after the Rhinos went down 30-6 on Boxing Day.

A young Leeds side could only manage one try against Wakefield’s six.

“I am not disappointed,” McDermott told The Yorkshire Post.

“We are in the middle of pre-season.

“I think for the amount of times we have won those games and I’ve said we can’t read anything into it because we’re in the middle of pre-season, so when you lose a game you are going to have to take the same line.

“I think it’s easy for me to take that line because it’s true, we’re in the middle of pre-season.

“I am not going to say that was great either.

“There’s some parts there where we weren’t good, but it is almost like a public training run so there’s some things for us to work on and there’s some things for us [from which] we get a good gauge of where we’re at.

“Now if you throw into the mix that there were some young people there, some people who played with us there who’ve never played with us before, there’s enough there where you think yes we’ve got some work to do, but then at the same time we’re not going to get carried away with it.”





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