London deserved promotion, admits Toronto coach Paul Rowley

Toronto coach Paul Rowley admitted that he thought London fully deserved promotion back to Super League.

The Wolfpack fell short to a 4-2 defeat to the Broncos in the Million Pound Game at Lamport Stadium in Canada.

Toronto will remain in the Championship next year, but Rowley believes the Broncos deserve to be back in the top-flight.

He said: “We are disappointed, we were the second-best team and I can’t compliment London enough.

“They were the better team and I don’t think anyone would have predicted it being 4-2. Every time London have been over here, their attitude has been brilliant and eventually it paid dividend. We congratulate them and we wish them the best of luck in Super League.

“We didn’t defend yardage nowhere near tough enough and we put no pressure on London and we played very one-out rugby. Our performance was down but London are the team that deserved to win.

“This will be a bitter pill to swallow and we have got a couple of days to sit and sulk about this one.”

Rowley said the Wolfpack will look to turn their focus onto 2019 in the coming days, once they have got their Million Pound Game defeat out of their heads.

He added: “Our supporters have enjoyed the ride and we don’t want to suppress any of that emotion and that’s sport in general.

“It’s trial and tribulation and unfortunately for us we came second best but we will go again.

“People have the right to expect (big things from us) because we have got the resource and the good team and we expect highly of ourselves as well.”

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