Lee Mossop sees development in coach Wane


Wigan prop Lee Mossop believes coach Shaun Wane has not changed as a person in the seven years he has played under him, but has developed as a coach.

Mossop has been a player under Wane since he arrived at the club when he was 16. As Mossop moved up the ranks at Wigan, Wane went onto become the club’s head coach earlier this year.

But Mossop has paid tribute to Wane ahead of Saturday’s Challenge Cup semi final against Leeds, and wants to thank his coach by becoming England’s first choice prop.

Mossop said: “I knew Shaun would take my game to a new level. Hopefully I think I have done that this year and have become a starting prop, rather than a run on sub, which was a goal of mine.

“If I carry on that momentum and keep developing as a player I can hopefully do that for England as well.

“I think he has just grown as a coach as well. He is as confident as he ever has been. You would think taking the biggest coaching job in the world in Wigan, he would maybe a bit nervous, but from the word go he was as confident as ever. He knew what he wanted from his players and you only have to see how well we are going this year to know he is doing a really good job.”

Mossop doesn’t believe that Wigan have changed their style of play under Wane after Michael Maguire left at the end of last season.

The 23-year old insists that Wane has simply instilled a sense of confidence in the squad that has given them the opportunity to play exciting rugby league, and take a few risks.

Mossop said: “I don’t think our style has changed. He is just breeding more confidence into us to try and chance our arm. Last year and the year before, if you had an offload that was 50/50, you would probably keep hold of it.

“He is breeding that confidence into us and that is one of the areas we have improved this year. Its that confidence, and I have seen in interviews when we have picked up injuries, that we will just get on with it.

“I think that is the sort of player he was too. He played numerous years with bad injuries which eventually got the better of him, but no matter what comes his way he just overcomes it and he breeds that into us as well.”