Koukash thankful for Sheens’ advice on signings

Salford owner Dr Marwan Koukash is very pleased with the impact that Australian national coach Tim Sheens has had at his club.

The Kangaroos coach was invited over by Koukash for a short spell, to work in an advisory capacity at the club.

The Red Devils have taken three Super League points from four since the 64-year-old’s arrival, and Koukash believes that the Australian’s impact will be long-lasting.

“We have all benefited from Tim being here,” Koukash told Press Association Sport.

“Everybody, from chief executive Martin Vickers to assistant coach Ian Watson, we have all gained from his experience.

“I have picked up a huge amount of ideas about what we are missing and what we can do to take the club forward.

“We’ve talked about the type of players we should be signing, especially when the marquee player allowance comes in.

“He is very passionate about the game and his knowledge is absolutely incredible. He has a vision for the sport for the next 10 years.”

Meanwhile, Koukash is also unconcerned about the recent video which surfaced showing Salford full-back Kevin Locke dancing crazily at a street demonstration in Barcelona.

Whilst unconcerned about the event itself, Koukash does want the Kiwi full-back to get fitter and start showing some real form.

“The video showed he has some fat around the belly that he needs to lose. Other than that, I have no issue with it,” Koukash added.

“What concerned me was that I didn’t want him to risk further injury to his groin but it demonstrated that there is nothing wrong with him. Mentally and physically, he looks in a good place.

“He now needs to knuckle down and show what he can do. We invested a large amount of money in Kevin and we still have faith in him to reproduce his NRL form.

“If he does that, he is one of the best players in the competition. It is all down to him now.

“I promised the fans a world-class player and I need him to start delivering.”

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