Kelly: Kain left high and dry by Rams

Dewsbury boss Neil Kelly says his players didn’t give Andy Kain enough protection during the Rams’ 52-10 defeat at Featherstone on Saturday.

Kain struggled to make his mark on the game as Fev ran in ten tries to record their sixth successive victory.

“There’s no criticism of Andy, but if you’re going play a game where you never have the ball then obviously he’s a luxury you can’t afford to have on the field,” said Kelly.

“I spoke to him at half-time and said if the second half starts in the same vein as the first then I’ll probably take you off the field and put somebody on that’s more notable for defence.

“I’ve watched Featherstone quite a lot this season and they’re very good at exploiting weaknesses in the opposition. It’s very easy to blame, and some will blame Andy.

“I don’t it’s people not being honest in the middle of the pack and are happy to see Andy under the cosh with numbers running at him, but we’ve not necessarily cared enough about him to go and cover him.

“But you’ve still got to make your tackles if one comes your way.”

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