Keith Senior ‘proud’ of The Bald Truth

Neil Barraclough

Leeds Rhinos ace Keith Senior has revealed how “proud” he is of his upcoming autobiography The Bald Truth.

The former Great Britain and England centre has spoken about the difficulties of writing the book.

But he admits the help of ghost-writer Peter Smith, who was the man behind Barrie McDermott’s Made For Rugby, has made the whole process less daunting.

Senior told BBC Radio Leeds: “It’s something that I’m quite proud of. I never thought I’d do it, and it didn’t appeal to me at the beginning.

“It’s been very hard to do, because I can’t remember last week never mind 10 years ago. It’s been very tough, but it’s been very enjoyable as well.”

He added: “I’ve done a lot of things, I’ve had a very good, long career and for myself it’s been good putting things down on paper.

“It’s been very hard talking about some of the things that have gone on in my life, and some of the trials and tribulations, but it’s also been good reflecting on the great career and the great times I’ve had as well.

“It’s something that a lot of rugby players look at doing, and the opportunity got put forward to me so I thought I’d have a bash at it. Peter Smith from the Yorkshire Evening Post is writing it for me, and he’s done a very good job.

“It’s finished, but it just needs tweaking, touching up and fine tuning. It’s due for release in September.”

Senior insists the book will not be a tool to settle old scores. He said: “I’m not using it to have digs at other people.

“It’s my autobiography, and it’s just talking about my life and my career. Hopefully it will put some wrongs right and clear the air with a few things.”


Keith Senior’s book ‘The Bald Truth’ is available to order by clicking here.