Jy Hitchcox still hasn’t watched Castleford’s Grand Final defeat back

Josh McAllister
Jy Hitchcox

Australian winger Jy Hitchcox (has joined Leigh for 2022

In the latest video series where players break down their rugby league careers, Jy Hitchcox revealed that he hasn’t watched back the 2017 Super League Grand Final.

The then-Castleford winger was named as 18th man ahead of the 2017 Super League Grand Final, as the Tigers faced Leeds at Old Trafford.

However, a call up from head coach Daryl Powell while he was in a supermarket a few days before the final in October saw him selected on the wing.

And since the 24-6 defeat, the Toulouse speedster has admitted he still hasn’t watched the game back.

“I actually wasn’t picked to play in the Grand Final that year,” said Hitchcox.

“I was going to be 18th man but with everything that was going on with Zak (Hardaker) I got the call off Powelly (Daryl Powell).

“I think Michael Shenton was an injury doubt with his quad and Powelly called me and I was actually in Sainsbury’s and I was like alright mate what’s up, he never calls me.

“He was like look mate I’m going to play you. I felt bad for Shenny, obviously the captain thinking he was out, but obviously it turned out to be the Zak situation and Shenny ended up playing.

“I had about two days notice with that and had one training session and we went up to Old Trafford and went through all the pre-Grand Final dramas that come with it.

“That was pretty great and a massive experience and I don’t think I’ll ever forget walking out that tunnel and just the deafening noise of 74,000 people, that was just crazy.

“As for the footy, obviously everyone knows how that went. I still haven’t watched that Grand Final tape. I’m not sure anyone’s watched it.

“I’ve seen little glimpses of it on Sky Sports when it shows 15 minutes of highlights before kick-off and I’m just like nah, not today.”