Jordan Crowther reveals details of collapsed Castleford Tigers deal and permanent Warrington Wolves switch

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Warrington Wolves forward Jordan Crowther has revealed how he found himself at the centre of a three-way transfer saga last summer: sharing just how close he came to signing for Castleford Tigers and explaining why that deal collapsed.

Crowther left Wakefield Trinity mid-season last year for Warrington Wolves, signing a short-term loan deal while also negotiating a deal to join Castleford on a permanent contract for 2024.

However, with the Tigers embroiled in a relegation battle at the foot of Super League, Castleford told their potential new recruits they would be unable to honour those deals if they dropped into the Championship.

That meant Crowther, having believed he had sorted his future, was ultimately free to explore the open market once again. And by the time the Tigers secured survival, he had agreed terms with Warrington for the next two seasons – and he is now relishing the opportunity to play under Sam Burgess.

Jordan Crowther reveals details of collapsed Castleford Tigers deal and permanent Warrington Wolves switch

“I probably wasn’t playing my best rugby at Wakefield last year, and it was getting a bit stale with me and the club,” Crowther admits.

“I’d already signed at Castleford to go for two years there, but with the situation they were in with the relegation fight, they couldn’t honour my contract.

“So when I came here on loan, that triggered me in wanting to earn a move here. Daryl (Powell, Warrington head coach at the time) sat me down and said there was a deal if I could earn it, and with Josh McGuire leaving it freed up the 13 spot, so I jumped at the chance.

“It was a strange one really, but for me, coming to a top six side and a club with Warrington’s stature and with Sam in charge, there’s no better place for a young British middle. He’s been there and done it all, so there’s nowhere better for me.

“I am a bit of a worrier, so as soon as it got sorted, last year at the back end was the best rugby I’ve played for a long time. That was down to enjoying myself here, having a fresh start but also having a future secured for the next two years.

“I was in constant dialogue with Gary Chambers all last season, and he was really keen on keeping me. Obviously with him going into director of rugby, he could push the deal a bit more and I had a few calls with Sam to try nail the deal down properly – and here we are.”

Crowther learning from one of the best in new Warrington head coach Sam Burgess

Crowther is targeting a permanent run at loose-forward for Warrington in 2024 – one of the positions Burgess mastered while establishing himself as one of the world’s best players.

He believes playing under a coach who played a similar role could help take his game to new heights after a stop-start 2023, which was impacted by the uncertainty over his future.

“I followed Sam a lot when he went over to the NRL, because there’s not many English players who have been over and cracked it in the way he did,” Crowther says.

“You can pick his brains about anything. He’s really open and he’s not long out of playing the game so he understands it really well.

“His mind is still fresh when it comes to playing, so he’s a good one to ask questions to especially with him playing in the same position I want to play.”

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