Johnston issues stark warning to fans

Barrow Raiders Chairman Des Johnston issued a stark warning to fans by describing the club’s financial situation as ‘serious’ in a post-match interview this afternoon.

Speaking after his side’s 10-6 loss at Batley this afternoon, Des made it clear that unless crowds reach the 2,500 mark then the club will have serious problems:

“If the fans don’t back us then we will have to take action and that will start with the players’ contracts.”

Des first became involved in the club in 2006 before undertaking the role of Chief Executive and then Chairman.

In recent years, Barrow have made a host of big name signings including the likes of Jamie Rooney, Ned Catic and coach Garry Schofield in a bid to push for Championship glory.

The local businessman pumped in £46,500 in 2008 alone and has been keen to bring new investors on board for some time.

This latest statement is a stark warning to fans that unless they turn out and support their team in numbers, the future of rugby league in Barrow could be under threat.

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