Johnson: Final defeat hurts


Kiwi halfback Shaun Johnson paid credit to Australia and says New Zealand‘s one-side final loss to their neighbours hurts.

New Zealand were out-classed and dominated from kick off by the Aussies.

Johnson said the Kiwis preparation for Anfield wasn’t to blame for their poor performance yesterday.

“We made too many errors and we played a very hot Australian side today,” Johnson said.

“Collectively, it wasn’t just one person. We all contributed to that. I can’t fault our preparation.

“You have to give Australia credit, they were very clinical today. Someone told me I think they completed at 95% in the first half.

“You give them all the ball that we did, you can’t argue.  We fought hard in the second half so we could walk off the field with a bit of respect.

“But the damage was done in the first half.”

Johnson declined to comment on what the Kiwis need to fix before the World Cup last year. New Zealand has lost to Australia four times in a row this year.

“I’m not thinking about what we need to change for the World Cup just yet,” he said.

“I’m going to let this sink in and remember this feeling because it hurts.

“You come all this way to achieve something as a group and when you don’t do it, for whatever reason, you feel disappointed as a group.

“I’ll let the coaching staff come up with that, review the whole campaign.”