Jason Clark opens up on move to France, enjoying life experiences & future plans

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Jason Clark

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Jason Clark sat down with Love Rugby League to discuss his recent signing with Limoux Grizzlies and his plans for life after league.

Clark, 33, made the switch to Super League with Warrington in 2019, featuring in four seasons in the competition.

Prior to that, he made 157 NRL appearances for the South Sydney Rabbitohs since making his debut in 2009.

He will embark on another adventure in 2022 with his young family, making the move to France for the French Elite One Championship.

“It’s another life experience,” Clark told Love Rugby League.

“It’s not about me holding onto the rugby dream and playing forever. It’s an experience for my wife and my children. I’ve got three beautiful young daughters who can experience a life in France for eight months. 

“The move we’ve looked into is a great little town and a team in the south of France. 

“We’ll get enjoy that culture there. We’ve enjoyed this culture in Warrington for four years now. My children will grow up and say they lived in Warrington for four years and then in the south of France for eight months. 

“That would make me feel like I’ve been a good dad.”

French connections for Jason Clark

Clark said a close family friend helped inspire the move, who played in the competition in the 80s, having visited alongside his family from Australia when Warrington travelled to Perpignan back in May.

“One of my dad’s best mates played over there. He lived over there for seven years and loved it,” Clark said. “He’s always had friends back there who he’s always been in contact with.

“My parents came over recently with my dad’s best mate and his wife, and they were over in France. He could speak French and did a little bit of translating for me when when I was there.

“Limoux reached out and we got it done pretty quick.

“I didn’t speak to really any other clubs. I was happy to get it done.

“I’ve got some friends over there who are playing like Nathan Peats and Joseph Paulo. So you know, I don’t think we’ll be alone over there.

“Obviously, it’s hard with the language barrier. We’re trying to learn but everyone says once you’re there, you can learn a lot more.

“A lot of my friends said that their children are talking more French than them because their children pick it up quicker.

“It’s another exciting time for us and another little chapter before going back to Australia and starting work life there, which will be the next adventure.”

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Life after league

Following his stint in the French competition, Clark revealed he will return to South Sydney Rabbitohs, working in player welfare while also having an interest in coaching.

“I help out with the teams here in Warrington with the academy teams with Richard Marshall.

“I don’t like to put myself forward, but if someone asks for help, I’d definitely help.

“I’m always willing to help anyone that asks for it. I never throw myself in there saying I can do this and I can do that.

“It’s just if someone wants help, I’d definitely help.

“Next year, we’ll be back in Australia and will hopefully working with the Rabbitohs in welfare.

“That’s a part of the game I really feel passionate about with the way the game is going for young kids and older blokes coming through the game and the pressure that’s put on them.

“I’d like to think I can help them in that aspect as I’ve been going for so long now.”

Clark finishes his Super League career with 74 appearances and two tries, as well as a goal kicked in his final match against Salford.

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