Jansin Turgut going from “strength to strength” as he recovers from fall

Drew Darbyshire

Former Salford and Hull forward Jansin Turgut is getting stronger and louder by the day, according to his mum.

The Turkey international is continuing his road to recovery at Hull Royal Infirmary after he suffered serious injuries after falling from the third floor of a car park at Ibiza airport in May.

Turgut, 23, has started to communicate with family and friends and was shocked to see a ‘get well soon’ message from boxer Tyson Fury on social media.

His mum, Carole Butler, tweeted: “It’s now two weeks since we have been back home and apart from the first three or four days when Jason seemed to take a step back, he has since gone from strength to strength.

“His voice is getting stronger and louder by the day and that has been a massive improvement. Jansin is still in lots of pain at times and he is extremely brave in dealing with this. He is such an inspiration.

“The next step is to get the feed tube out so he can have real food, hopefully this will happen this week at some point. He is still having x-rays for various things and he was in theatre on Friday having some teeth removed.

“We are now waiting for a bed in a specialist rehabilitation unit where the real hard work will begin. I think this will be a very positive thing for Jansin and it seems like it will be quite structured.

“Jansin is now starting to look on social media and is shocked, overwhelmed and upset at the messages of support and he hasn’t even scratched the surface with how much is out there. The Tyson Fury message totally blew him away and I don’t think he can believe it.”

A fundraising account has been set up to help meet the medical costs of the former Hull FC and Salford star. To donate, click here.

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