James Graham recalls “spicy orange juice” prank on Wayne Bennett

Drew Darbyshire
James Graham and Wyne Bennett England SWpix

James Graham has told the tale of a prank a few England players played on their former head coach Wayne Bennett, which involved spicy orange juice!

Bennett, who coached England between 2016-20, was the victim of a prank by Graham, Dan Sarginson and Kevin Brown whilst in the English camp.

“The hotel staff had set up for dinner, they left the condiments out,” Graham recalled whilst laughing on James Graham’s The Bye Round Podcast.

“A few of us seen the glasses and thought ‘let’s put the tabasco sauce on a plate and rim the glasses’.

“We genuinely forgot about it. We had no team-mate come and sit with us to enjoy the refreshments.

“There were only three of us who knew – myself, Dan Sarginson and Kevin Brown. We were all on the massage table.

“It was like four o’clock and I’m faced down on the massage table and someone nodded their head at me to look over at Wayne, who was heading to the table for a glass of orange juice.

“He pulled one glass of orange juice, had a nice sip and a cough came his way. He put that down and I’m literally at this point shaking on the massage table! Wayne then went for another one and said ‘jeeez, that orange juice is spicy!'”

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Wayne Bennett laughs off James Graham prank

Graham couldn’t contain his laugher on the podcast, and Bennett took it in good faith.

“I then saw you all laughing and blew up,” Bennett said whilst smiling. “You didn’t come clean but I just saw you all laughing because you all thought I was in a bad way. I still didn’t know what it was until I found out later on.”

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