Ireland name squad for clash with Belgium

Ireland have named their initial squad of domestically based players for their international game against Belgium this month.

The players have been nominated by their clubs, and will attend a training session with the Ireland coach for this game, Carl de Chenu, on Sunday July 5.

The game against the Belgians will take place in Bray, County Wicklow, on July 12.


Kenny Calladine, Nick Finlay, Conor Philips, Gareth Gill, Lee Barlow, Josh Donaldson, Davy Nicholson, Michael Carson, Austen Blackburn, Michael McAlister (all Ballynahinch Rabbitohs), Anthony Leifi, Sean Watson, Jack Burke (all Galway Tribesmen), Declan Foy, Rob Armstrong, Gerard Arthurs, Sean Chisholm, Rod Batchelor, Jade Ferguson (all Cork Bulls), Curtis Stewart, Matthew Cahoon, Wayne Kelly, Ryan Latimer (all Belfast Met Scholars), Graham Crawford, James Kenny, Caolan Smith, Brian O’Brien, Columba Kelly, Adam Cox, Jamie MacRae, Richie Keatley (all Dublin City Exiles), Mic Fitz, Gary McCormack, Shane Brennan, Matthew Cherry, Anthony McCreery, Dewi Harrison (all West Dublin Bears), Simon Deevy, Sam Bashford, David Delahunt, Eoin King, Matthew Connolly, Paul McDonnell, Matthew Bailey (all Athboy Longhorns), James Carlton, Jordan Elliot, Clark McAlistar, Ryan Purvis, Robert Cacek, John Purdy, Adam Docherty, Keith Adams (all Portadown Pumas)

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