Investor willing to back Scottish pro club

A rugby league loving Scot is willing to back a Scottish professional team with £25,000 of his own money.

The businessman, who wants to remain anonymous at this stage, believes that the game needs help to put down proper roots North of the Border, following the national team’s performance at the Four Nations last year.

“The Four Nations draw with New Zealand was probably the best result ever in rugby league,” he told Scottish newspaper The Herald.

“It would be the equivalent of the 10th ranked team in the world getting a result against the All Blacks [in rugby union].

“The Kiwis bitched and moaned about the venue afterwards, but with a bit more coherence it shows what Scotland in rugby league can be.

“It was incredible to see them playing to that level and they can still take it to another level.”

The investor believes that choosing the right location for any club is vital.

Although the Borders has rugby history and is close to Cumbria, Aberdeen has oil wealth and a recent rugby league pedigree, as well as an airport.

“I would be prepared to put in 25 grand a year, but it’s about putting roots down. You need the right business plan and the right people,” said the potential investor.

“I’m ready to contribute to that but I don’t want to lead it and there should be a more senior investor than me.

“The key is finding the right place to launch yourself. The RFL would give you seventy grand which helps to attract decent talent and you make up the rest with sponsorship etc.

“You are aiming for turnover of £250,000 and what you would look for is a manager, a coach and an office manager to set things up.”

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