‘Hull derby is the biggest in the competition’ says Jordan Abdull

Jordan Abdull

Hull KR half-back Jordan Abdull believes the Hull derby is the biggest in the Super League competition as the two prepare to clash this Friday.

The Robins host Hull FC as part of Super League’s Rivals Round, with a 12:30pm kick-off.

Abdull, 26, made his professional debut with boyhood club Hull in 2014 against Wakefield. He went on to make more than 50 appearances for the club before joining London Broncos in 2019.

He soon after made the switch to Hull KR, and was named on the Man of Steel shortlist in 2021. Born in West Hull, Abdull understands the importance of the rivalry, believing it’s the biggest in the competition.

Jordan Abdull on Hull derby

He told Love Rugby League: “I supported Hull FC when I was younger. I was born in West Hull, which is the Hull FC side and I played back and forth really. I understand the loyalty and passion that comes with playing for both clubs now.

“The city lives and breathes rugby league and it’d be nice for me to get the bragging rights on Friday.”

Abdull continued: “I think deep down Saints and Wigan know that the Hull derby just has that little bit more edge.

“I know that notoriously Saints and Wigan, their derbies have been more in Grand Finals. They’re competing for silverware. But it’s nice to see the two clubs (Hull and Hull KR) now have aspirations of getting up there and competing for silverware as well.

“In terms of just the rivalry alone, the Hull derby is the biggest in the competition.”

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Craven Park set for sell out

The clash at Craven Park is set for a sell out. It will be the club’s second consecutive in the league following their fixture with Warrington.

Abdull said: “I think the way the club’s going with the stadium purchase and Craven Streat, the club off the field are doing everything they can. There was a sale on the tickets for the Warrington game just trying to get more and more people come to support the club. 

“As players, we feed off the fans. It’s a cliche, but if you’ve got a full crowd that are behind you, it’s almost like having an extra player, especially for home games.”

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  1. A pitiful comment from someone who has zero clue on any other Derbies don’t comment on things you have zero knowledge of he’s never lived in Wigan or St Helens and has never experienced the Derby of Wigan & Saints history tells you which is the biggest Derby not some clueless player.

    • Wigan and Sainta is a Local rivalry not a true derby! Hull is the ONLY city with 2 Pro RL teams in same comp so it’s the only true derby!

    • I was born in wigan and enjoyed them at their peak. I have been to many saints & wigan derbies. I have seen around 5 hull derbies. Every hull derby is hundreds of times more intense. And that is coming from a wigan supporter.

  2. How long did it take for hull kr to put sold out on there 10500 capacity..saints was sold out about 3 weeks ago ..Abdul is wishing he played in a saints and wigan Derby. But unfortunately not good enough for either team 😕

  3. I have been to numerous saints v wigan derbies and the Hull derby and I can say with hand on heart The Hull derby far out classes any saints and wigan games atmosphere alone knocks the Lancashire teams into touch.

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