Huddersfield set for ‘five cup finals’

Huddersfield assistant coach Kieron Purtill says the Giants are ready to fight for the League Leader’s Shield.

Currently one point clear of second-placed Wigan, Huddersfield face Salford on Sunday in the first of what Purtill has described as five cup finals before the end of the regualr season.

Purtill said, “We have five games left in Super League and our aim is to win them all.

“All five are going to be like playing a final, and we have to win one final before we win the next one, starting on Sunday against Salford.”

Purtill adds that the Giants are fully focussed on their opposition and will go about the game in the correct manner:

“A lot of people dismiss Salford, some teams go in with a lackadaisical attitude and they get rolled over.

“We won’t be doing that, we know they will be playing with a bit of a care free attitude – which makes them dangerous.”

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