HIIT the pitch with Touch Rugby League this summer


If anyone is looking for an alternative to going to the gym this summer, then the RFL is promoting a fine, rugby league option.

The RFL has today launched its ‘Hiit the Pitch’ campaign. ‘HIIT’ stands for high intensity interval training, which is a great way of burning calories and improvin cardiovascular fitness.

Touch Rugby League is an effective and accessible form of HIIT training, which incorporates a strong social element too.

An RFL statement reads: “On average Touch Rugby League players work at 80 per cent of their maximum heart rate in a game – amazingly the same figure as professional Rugby League players – meaning that even when you’ve finished playing your body keeps burning calories into the next day.

“The sport can be played in mixed teams and is perfect for people looking for a fun and sociable activity with most sessions offering evenings out away from the pitch. We have players from the age of 14 all the way up to 78 playing and last year we had 4000 people involved, including up to 50 per cent women at sites, we are expecting to see a significant growth this year.”

One regular Touch Rugby League player Lynn Hampson, 38, prefers playing the game to going for a run.

“I’d much rather run around for half an hour playing Touch Rugby League than going for a jog on my own,” she said.

“We have such a good laugh and it’s virtually non-contact so it’s suitable for people of all abilities.

“It’s exhilarating when you score a try or manage to tag someone, you’re so focused on running or chasing someone that you don’t realise how much you’re moving around!”

Kurtis Marsh, who runs a PTRL competition, added: “It’s perfect sport to play outdoors, we get lots of couples playing together and people of all ages.

“Our focus is on the social element, so we always make sure we go for drinks afterwards and have plenty of fun during the matches.”

Play Touch Rugby League is available at over 60 sites across the UK for more information visit: www.playtouchrugbyleague.co.uk