Henderson laments ordinary London

London coach Andrew Henderson described his team’s display as “ordinary” in their 20-18 win against Oldham.

The Roughyeds hit the post in the 78th minute with a penalty that would have tied the scores on Sunday afternoon.

It was the Broncos second win from three matches this season.

“Very ordinary performance from the Broncos today, but very pleased to get the two points and keep us on course for what we want to achieve,” Henderson said after the game.

“A lot of stuff we did with the ball was really poor. We didn’t respect the opposition enough. We weren’t respectful of each other.

“We had to roll the sleeves up – the conditions weren’t going to allow us to play like we could play last week. And we had to do the tough stuff, and at times we just weren’t prepared to do that.

“On the whole, a very ordinary performance from us, but in hindsight, I have to say we defended our try-line quite well.”

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