Have your say: Who should England play in a mid-season Test in 2019?

It is still unclear whether England will play a mid-season Test in 2019, but we want to know who they should play. 

England have faced New Zealand four times in 2018 – the first being in the mid-season Test in Denver back in June, with the other three coming in a series hosted in England.

But the Lions won’t be able to face the Kiwis mid-season next year, because New Zealand are scheduled to play Tonga.

Australia are reluctant to play England in 2019, with the Ashes series planned to take place in 2020.

The more likely option at the moment is England facing France because it would be easier for both teams in the northern hemisphere.

Ireland forward George King has come out this week and told League Weekly that the Wolfhounds would play against England mid-season.

And others want to see the Exiles brought back to take on the Lions mid-season and make the game back into a showpiece event.

It has yet to be confirmed that England will have a mid-season Test in 2019 or not, but it is believed that Wayne Bennett would like one.

We want to know what you think… 

Who should England play in a mid-season Test in 2019?

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