Have your say: What next for the Summer Bash?

Drew Darbyshire

We want to know if you think there is a future for the Summer Bash and if so, whether it should stay in Blackpool or not.

There were seven entertaining Championship matches staged at Bloomfield Road in Blackpool at the weekend.

And the weekend started with the first ever Women’s Super League game to be played at the Bash as Bradford Bulls beat Featherstone Rovers 46-22.

According to the Rugby Football League website, 11,805 were in attendance at Bloomfield Road in total over the two days.

On the 2018 Summer Bash, RFL interim chief executive Ralph Rimmer said: “The 2018 Summer Bash once again showed how entertaining and captivating the Betfred Championship is.

“We saw some fantastic rugby league over the weekend and it was brilliant that history was made with the first ever Women’s Super League game at the Summer Bash.

“All the games on show at Bloomfield Road this weekend are sure to get fans excited about the upcoming Super 8s, the Qualifiers and Championship Shield which are certain to provide further entertainment to the 2018 season.”

However, there has been talk on social media over the weekend whether the Summer Bash should remain a concept next year due to it only attracting 11,805 spectators.

And it has been discussed whether or not the annual event should be moved away from Blackpool or not.

It has been at Bloomfield Road for four years now and some have said that it should be moved to try and boost attendance figures.

We want to know what you think.

Is there a future for the summer bash? If so, should it remain at Blackpool or be moved away? Let us know in the comments below.