Have Your Say: Should more Super League games be played on a weekend?

Following Hull FC’s success on and off the pitch on Saturday, defeating Castleford Tigers in front of over 14,000 fans, we would like to know if there should be more games scheduled for the weekend.

With the more-recent Thursday night Super League concept, Super League games have been taken away from the weekend. But there’s no doubting how successful the sport could be if more fixtures were pinned for the weekend.

The KCOM Stadium played host to 14,623 FC and Tigers fans, whilst Wakefield Trinity also saw a healthy crowd of 5,331 attend their fixture against Hull KR on Sunday at Belle Vue.

Compare that to Hull’s last Thursday night fixture (against Leeds Rhinos, round 12), the weekend saw an extra 3,000 fans attend, creating a lively and enjoyable atmosphere.

Combined, the two weekend fixtures from the last Super League round saw just under 20,000 fans enjoy rugby league in the sun (19,954) with plenty of appraisal on social media.

It may not work for all teams, but why not promote it for the teams that it clearly does work for. Hull KR played hosts to Leeds Rhinos in round 13 on a Sunday, with almost 10,000 fans attending. Their previous weekday clash before that saw an attendance of 7,724 against St Helens. Another team, another weekend success.

Rugby League is a sport that sells itself as a family sport, so having an increased number of fixtures on the weekend could be a major success. The idea of travelling down the M6 on a sunny Saturday afternoon to see your team play away is undoubtedly more attractive than a Thursday night.

So far in 2018, the season has seen 50 games played on a weekday, and only 26 games played on a weekend. But on reflection, fixtures can clearly be more successful on the weekend.

Understandably, for some teams who share with their football partners, it’s almost-impossible to host weekend fixtures. But once the round-balled season is over, why not move more games to the weekend?

With summer just around the corner, should Super League host more weekend fixtures in the future? Have your say and let us know in the comments below.


  1. Absolute madness to be playing on Thursday and Friday nights in the summer. Many lost fans who can’t travel cross pennies on work days, and we lose seeing the game played in glorious sunshine.

  2. Friday night games are an absolute No No, for any NON local Fans, who have to travel in either direction on the M6 , M60 or M62. so why not just scrap all Friday night games altogether, cause this of course includes all away fans except Catalan Dragons. Overall season crowds would increase by between 25% and 35%. Thursday night games are a waste of time because most people have to work Fridays!

  3. Definitely need more weekend games. I support Hull but live in Wakefield and the majority of our games are on a Thursday or Friday night making it difficult to attend games with work and family commitments. I enjoyed the game being on Saturday. Not having to rush and worry about traffic and parking etc. It’s supposed to be a family oriented sport after all. Sky have too much of an input into what happens and when. Let the fans dictate when they’d prefer to attend games. The difference in attendance in the article above is the case in point.

  4. Rugby should be for the fans not sky
    We understand the financial side of it but why not think of the fans first and if sky wants to show the games let them do it on a weekend or not at all

    • I agree but sadly the gate money from the fans can’t finance the game at the level it is being played and won’t meet the wages of the players. If they have to broadcast games on a Thursday and Friday, that’s ok but for goodness sake make them local fixtures instead of asking real fans to make the trek across the M62 at rush hour to follow our teams. !!!!

  5. Even premiership football doesnt pitch games against live football. Thursday/friday night TV games should have no competition from live games, its madness only the RFL would do it. Games that non locals can get to is how you expand your audience, not scheduling matches at impossible times. Even the teams cant always get to matches on time, supporters have no chance.

  6. For me all games should be on a Sunday except the sky games. Travelling across the pennines on a weekday night puts plenty off, besides, what else is there to do on a Sunday apart from the rugby

  7. I’m all for weekend games. Living in the Midlands and trying to get up the M6 on a Friday night is a joke. Rugby league is a family sport and so the RFL should put the families first. Or is it greed for more money ? Without fans there will be no rugby league. Without Sky Sports, there’ll be a much healthier rugby league.

  8. Sunday games for me, but in strong football areas, planning and trying not to clash with big football games is a must. Lots of league fans enjoy football and when a big televised game clashes with league, i.e. Liverpool, Everton and Manchester United & city for the likes of Widnes, wire and St. Helens for example, can lose out big time. Thursdays are for the pay master with its pipe, SKY TV. No one likes, wants or enjoys them. No one hardly travels as it’s too difficult. Therefore the game looks dire on TV and we are shooting ourselves in the foot.
    Friday is the busiest day to travel of the week, also the most dangerous. Difficult getting to games and late getting home, cancelling out the younger generation of attending, killing off interest and our future fans, thus adding again, to shooting ourselves in the foot.

  9. Wasn’t there a questionaire that went out last year or maybe the year before from the RFL asking what you would prefer? There was different permutations of weekend,Thursday and Friday nights and early kick offs. Totally ignored i can’t see anyone picking Thursday and Friday nights over Saturday and Sunday, that’s SKY for you rather have you sat at home watching at least they get your subscription. Think the family sport isn’t in it anymore

  10. Thursdays should definitely be out.
    crossing the borders is no good to people working the following day, young fans getting up for school, travelling in bad weather on winters nights heightening the dangers of travel.
    Do these reasons which lead to low turnout on the gates not outweigh the TV fee ?

  11. 1 game on a Thursday, 1 game on a Friday…then EVERYTHING else at the weekend. I live in Northamptonshire and very rarely see Warrington game now because hardly any games are at the weekend!

  12. I took my 5 year old son to Warrington v Toronto on a Sunday afternoon the other week. I am taking him to the Warrington v Wigan match next Saturday afternoon. All other Warrington home games (bar one) are on thurs or fri nites at 8pm which is far too late for him.
    such a shame as we both enjoy the live rugby.

  13. Rfl, stop messing about! Forget Thursday & Friday night rugby, just put all games on over the weekend & the fan base will rise which is more ££’s through the turnstiles.

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