Harris: Hitting 100 would be unfair



Wigan assistant coach Iestyn Harris says it would have been harsh if Wigan had scored 100 points against North Wales Crusaders on Sunday.

The Warriors defeated the Championship 1 club 98-4, with six of their tries coming from Sam Tomkins.

Harris, also the Welsh national side’s head coach, said: “The Crusaders have alot of young players who haven’t played the game for too long and if we had have got 100 points it would probably have been a bit unfair.

“We are pleased with how professional we were. Sometimes these sort of games are difficult mentally more than anything else when you play a team from a couple of divisions below but I thought we were really efficient and professional with the way we performed.

“Some of the tries were fantastic, and I thought Sam Tomkins was amazing. You have to give a little bit of credit to the Crusaders the way they stuck in and dug in. It looked at one point as if they could fall away but they stuck with it, they are only a young side and there is a lot of respect from us on that.”

Harris was pleased with the debuts from two of the side that faced the Crusaders, Ryan King and Dom Crosby.

He said: “Ryan King‘s work ethic at the start of the game was pretty good and we spoke to him about that, he scored a good try and looked sharp and didn’t look out of place which is all you can ask on a debutant.

“Dom is a little more advanced than Ryan and has been knocking on the door for a while. He looked strong and made a couple of nice breaks, we are looking to start bringing these youngsters through now and are putting pressure on the more experienced boys.”