Growth for touch and tag rugby


The number of participants registered for Touch and Tag Rugby League in England broke through the 20,000 mark on Saturday.

Rhian Fitzgerald from Aigburth, Liverpool played in a Touch Rugby League tournament at Kirby Sports College in Liverpool and became the 20,000th participant recorded by the RFL since March 2010.

The RFL’s Director of Participation, David Gent said: “I’m delighted that we have broken the 20,000 registrations mark for Touch and Tag Rugby League.

“RFL Development staff have done a fantastic job organising Touch Rugby League competitions around the country which have introduced more people to the sport and encouraged more people to stay active.

“These are widely accessible versions of Rugby League which anyone can play regardless of experience and we continue to highlight routes to local 13-a-side teams so those that want to can progress further.”

The RFL have averaged around 1,250 new participants registered per month for Touch and Tag Rugby League since these records began.

Fast moving, evasive and involving minimal contact, Touch Rugby is a simple game which promotes the fundamental skills of running, handling and support play whilst developing the basic principles of attack and defence.

The game involves minimal contact and is as much about playing the game on the field as the social atmosphere afterwards.

Tag Rugby League is also designed to be non-contact and is a great variation of the full game of Rugby League as it lends itself to both a purely social game as well as a competitive one.

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