Greek rugby league season declared void

The Greek Rugby League Association has declared the 2019-20 season void.

The country has been in lockdown for the past six weeks due to the coronavirus pandemic, meaning just over half of the planned domestic games have been played to date.

GRLA president George Stilianos commented: “If we had a clear runaway leader at this time we may have awarded the title, but it was very hotly contested and boiling up into a fine climax.

“The government took swift, strict action here, with the sports ministry calling off all competitions on March 11.

“They are meeting again on Monday to discuss the lifting of some restrictions and it is likely that there will not be a return to playing until July.

“We were supposed to end in June – at best we could, perhaps, organise a hasty Grand Final but it is still unknown at this time.”

The domestic competition, spread over three conferences, was set to be a record-breaking one, with a total of 32 fixtures scheduled and 19 of them completed.

Reigning champions Rhodes Knights were facing a strong challenge from Aris Eagles and Attica Rhinos, with new side AEK making an impressive start in their debut season and Athens City Raiders notching up a first-ever win.

The women’s game continues to grow, Athens Raidettes joining Patras Panthers and Aris Eagles.

Attica Rhinos are now planning to form a women’s team so that a four-team competition can start in October, whilst the women’s international with Serbia – initially scheduled for April 11 in Larisa – will be rescheduled.

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  1. Why aren’t they just merging the 2020 season with the 2021 season?

    The NRL and Super League should be doing the same. Instead of having one short season this year, a long one next year, and then the World Cup right after; just have one long season and then the World Cup. Otherwise, three back-to-back tournaments put a lot of strain on the players. There’s also competition from the Olympics and UEFA soccer to worry about as well.

    Everybody’s going about this all wrong when the solution is right in front of us.

    Just play the remainder of rounds next year and count this year’s rounds towards 2021.

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