Gale: We want silverware

Luke Gale believes the signings Castleford has made can propel it to winning a trophy in 2017.

The Tigers have finished in fifth in the past two seasons, with a fourth-place finish in 2014.

For next season Castleford have signed Zak Hardaker, Greg Eden and Jesse Sene-Lefao, while Rangi Chase and Larne Patrick joined the club mid-season.

Gale said the Tigers have been working hard on improving their defence, which could be vital to reaching another final.

“100% yeah I think we finished fifth both years, we were just not quite getting there I think defensively,” he admitted.

“The signings we’ve made this year can kick us on to that next level. We can beat anyone on the day it’s just consistency that we lacked at times last year and defensively we’ve worked hard on that already.

“I think we’ve got a real chance.”

Gale has been excited by Castleford’s recruitment.
“I think it’s outstanding, I was sitting at home home two weeks ago and when I heard the boys ripping in and I was itching to get back in,” he said.

“We’ve made some great signings – Jesse, I can’t even say his name – he’s ripped in and he’s bought in straight away what Powelly has asked of him.

“Zak’s training outstanding, then there’s Greg Eden and some of the London boys. I’m looking forward to what’s going to be a really exciting year.”

Castleford will have strong competition for places in 2017, particularly in the backline at fullback and in the halves.

“It’s probably a good dilemma to have,” Gale admitted.

“I think thats the thing we have we’ve got strength and depth this year. Benny [Roberts] hasn’t trained yet, Rangi’s looking good, a lot fitter.

“Wev’e got two or three decisions at fullback, so we’ll let {owelly worry about that later on down the line.”

Luke Dorn, Lew Jewitt, Ryan Boyle and Frankie Mariano have all left the club.

Dorn, who scored more tries in Super League than any other non-British player, will be particularly hard to replace.
“I don’t think you can replace him,” Gale said.

“We’ve got Zak, he’s a different player, probably a bit more defensively [minded].

“He’s a good defensive fullback, one of the best defensive full backs in the game and he adds a lot of good carries.

“They’re different players but Zak’s the Man of Steel fullback so we’ve got an able replacement and he’s looking well in training.

“As I say replacing Dorny I don’t think you can, it’ll take a bit away from our game but it’ll add to it as well.”


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