FTWLTW: The winners are, classy Brough and shaky Wakey


One – And the winners are…

Congratulations to Huddersfield, Featherstone and North Wales Crusaders on topping their respective tables.

Three incredible achievements in their different ways, with the Giants ending an 81-year wait between drinks, Rovers giving another demonstration of their remarkable consistency and Clive Griffiths’ lads putting Welsh rugby league back in the second tier just 18 months after their formation.

All three deserve recognition, while a couple of other unsung heroes bowed out this weekend.

Gateshead stalwart Kevin Neighbour signed off with a win that will leave Thunder fans eagerly looking forward to next year and Tony Miller’s last league match with Doncaster saw them earn an eye-catching success over Sheffield.


Two – Danny Brough class

A classy off-field touch from Danny Brough to complement his on-field genius when he was quick to give Ken Davy the League Leaders’ Shield after Huddersfield’s thumping of Wakefield.

Without Davy, the Giants would be nowhere near the heights they currently occupy.

Brough was presented with the gong from Nigel Wood but only lifted it briefly before passing the glory on to Huddersfield’s chairman.

Davy deserves his moment more than anyone.


Three – Shaky Wakey

A Saturday morning shocker for Wakefield fans, who woke to a statement from new Wildcats chairman Michael Carter confirming that the club is… err… skint.

Rumours have floated for a couple of months that two or three clubs – aside from London – are teetering on the edge.

Carter reveals it has ‘become obviously apparent that the club is completely under capitalised at this time to the tune of somewhere in the region of £400,000’.

Tim Smith’s been shipped off to Salford but Danny Kirmond is staying.

It certainly wouldn’t have solved the problem, but Wakefield’s share of any title sponsorship money earned by Super League over the last 18 months would have made a noticeable indent into that figure. Alas…


Four – The new awesome foursome

Sam, George, Luke and Tom made their mark on Friday morning, all lining up in the same Souths team as they continue to make headlines down under.

The last three minutes of the Bunnies-Tigers clash had all four on at the same time.

They completed a ‘Burgess set’, taking all five drives in the space of 45 seconds, as well as all chipping in on the same tackle when Wests finally got possession.

Interesting line from commentator Ray Warren: “Luke was born in Wakefield apparently, before the family upgraded to Dewsbury.”

Kick a club when it’s down, Ray…


Five – Old Trafford runners and riders begin to take shape

A good win for Warrington on Friday, with Nathan Brown later labeling them “the best team in the competition” – despite what the league table says.

Over the hill some big guns also came back for Leeds, who sound like they ground out their triumph over Catalan but will surely be encouraged by what might happen over the next few weeks now they’re getting their troops back.

A Grand Final repeat next month? It’s not unthinkable, but Huddersfield still look the most likely team to be walking out at Old Trafford. As for the other – that’s anyone’s guess.

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