Fev chief says dual-reg system is “abysmal”

Featherstone chief executive Craig Poskitt says the dual-registration system is “bad for the integrity of the sport”.

Rovers, minor premiers in the Championship for the past three seasons, have refused to adopt the system and a partner club, as have rivals Leigh, Sheffield and Halifax.

But the likes of Swinton, Hunslet and Keighley have all partnered up with Super League clubs, and have had players like Paul Wood, Richard Moore and Richard Owen turning out for them so far in 2013.

It has led to much criticism, but Leeds coach Brian McDermott said last week that he believed dual-registration is raising standards outside Super League and is good for the game.

Poskitt told the Yorkshire Evening Post: “It is not working.

“I think from Super League clubs’ point of view they will be quite happy saving six-figures per annum with no Under-20s.

“But it has been bad for the progression of the game and certainly for the integrity of the lower clubs, it is abysmal.”

However, in recent weeks, some Championship clubs have started to make a stand against the system, and refusing players offered to them by their Super League partners.

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