Faye Gaskin doing everything she can to play again after freak injury

Drew Darbyshire

St Helens' Faye Gaskin leaves the field injured during the Women's Challenge Cup final match at the Leigh Sports Village

St Helens star Faye Gaskin has been told she may never play again, but that is something she isn’t willing to accept just yet.

The 29-year-old half-back suffered a freak injury last month as she celebrated a try in their win over York in the Women’s Challenge Cup final.

Gaskin fractured her lateral tibial plateau in three places, and is still on crutches as she continues her road to recovery.

She has been told by the surgeon that there is a chance she may never play again, but she hasn’t even taken that into consideration as she aims to take the field with her team-mates next year.

The England international said: “There is a chance I’ll never return and that is something that I’ve not accepted yet. Until the surgeon tells me I won’t return, I’ll do everything I can to get back.

“I’m working on small goals at the minute. There is a chance I won’t return or it could be 6-12 months.

“Hopefully I will get rid of my crutches in three weeks or so and then I will start doing a bit of bodyweight stuff. I’m going with the timeframe of 6-12 months, I’ve never accepted that I’ll never play elite level again.

“I want to get back to pre-season with the girls, that’s what I’m hoping for. If someone is looking over me and my knee makes a miraculous recovery in the next 12 weeks, then I hope to be on the pitch with the girls. It will probably be next year now though.”

Gaskin, who has scored 346 points for Saints in the last three seasons, has thanked her family, friends and team-mates for the continued support during this difficult period for her.

She said: “I’ve got a really good family around me and I’m so grateful to be in our team.

“One of the girls dropped in on me the other day and they don’t understand the power of those text messages. It means everything when you’ve been bed bound for three weeks.

“Mentally, it was tough when I went watching them against Castleford in the first game since I got injured. On the way home I analysed it for the full drive home but I’m back around training now because my physio has started at the club.

“I’ve not struggled as much as I thought I would. I’m thinking that I’ll bounce back from this one but there might be a time when I won’t return and that might have to be a bridge for me to cross then.

“We don’t get paid as players and we do it as a hobby because it is something we love but I’m just working really hard to get back.”