Fantasy Rugby League 2021 now live!

James Gordon

The free-to-play Fantasy Rugby League on Love Rugby League is now live for 2021.

You can now select your 17-man team for the Super League competition, with the Championship edition expected to be live later this week.


New in 2021 is the Captain selection, where one of your players can earn double points in a game week, and an extra point is also now awarded to any player who is on the winning team in any game week.

In the Super League competition, you have a salary cap of £2.2m to select your 13 starters and four subs; with the option to shuffle your squad each week, as well as make up to two transfers.

You will also be able to nominate your goalkickers and your captain and vice-captain selections each week.

All your favourite features remain – including the dual-positions, rolling transfers and friends leagues.

We will also be trying to get the updates done even earlier this season, rather than waiting until Monday, so you can monitor your teams progress over the weekend.

Following the technical issues that blighted the 2019 season, and the cancellation of the 2020 competition due to COVID, we are delighted to have brought the Fantasy RL back in control of us here in the Warrington office of Love Rugby League – providing you with the same excellent support service that we have for the past 10 years.

As well as the overall rankings, we will be looking to do monthly rankings and offering spot prizes for those engaging with the game.

If you have had an account with us previously, your username and password details should still be the same.

To access the game and start playing, visit