Eye-opening documentary on Papua New Guinea Orchids to be released

Drew Darbyshire

A new film on Papua New Guinea’s women’s team is set to be released, which highlights the bridging of the gender gap in the country.

Power Meri has proved to be a great hit in the Pacific and is set to reach Australian shores for screening in March.

The film captures the journey of the PNG Orchids on their road to the 2017 Rugby League World Cup and illustrates how rugby league is changing lives for women and mindsets in PNG.

“Women can do anything the guys can do, if not better,” PNG Orchids star, Amelia Kuk told NRL.com.

“This film will help change mindsets and give girls a voice and I’m sure everyone will relate to it one way or another.

“It’s important for PNG because we still have the typical mindset of how men are more important or better than women. It’s time to wake up and realise that everyone has equal opportunities regardless of gender.

“Everything in this film is raw and real. That’s what makes it so unique and powerful. And through the power of rugby league, we can make a difference.”

The film, Power Meri, was released on the Pacific last October and organisers of the next RLWC have offered to support a release of the film across the UK in 2021.