Everything you need to know about rugby league betting


Rugby league is a real fan’s sport and those that have a deep understanding of the game can make a lot of money making predictions. Betting on matches is at its most popular during the rugby world cup with many punters backing their countries to go all the way. If you are interested in having a punt there are a number of things you need to know about. In this article, I will talk about them so that you can successfully place a bet online.

#1: Rugby League Betting Markets

To find out the latest odds for rugby league games you simply need to visit an online bookmaker or download a gambling app. The odds are set by the bookmaker using expert analysis and punters can choose to place bets if they feel the returns warrant the financial risks. Make sure you have a look at the best betting bonuses to use alongside your bet to work out which has the best overall returns.

#2: Match Rugby League Odds

The most popular market is the match odds betting market which is due mainly to it being the easiest to understand. Punter bet on the team they think will be victorious. If the game ends in either a draw or loss, the punter loses their money. They can choose to place a wager on any of the three possible outcomes which all have different odds attached to them.

#3: Match Rugby League Handicap Betting

There are many different betting options available for rugby league and one of the most fun is handicap betting. It works by placing a disadvantage to the better team such as an 8 goal deficit. It means that the betting favorite needs to win by more than 8 goals for the punter to win the bet. This makes betting odds more even and can be beneficial as part of a betting strategy.

#4: Over/Under – Total Points

If you do not know which team to pick you can always choose the over/under betting option. It works by punters guessing if the teams combine will score above or below a certain points total. It can be a great bet to make if both teams are attacking minded and weak on defense.

#5: Placing Rugby League Bets

Once you have decided on the bet you wish to make you will then need to search the marketplace for the best odds. There are many great odds comparison sites available that offer real-time odds from all the top bookmakers. It makes it easy to find the best odds which will help you to make more profit if you win.


Make sure you look out for special rugby league betting promotions such a no deposit bonuses and risk-free bets. Take your time to find undervalued betting opportunities and make sure you carefully analyze all the available stats before risking any money betting. Do not forget to take into account factors such as injuries, bans, home and away form. Always make a note of all the bets you make so that you can make sure you stay within a set budget you can easily afford and remember to have fun.