Evans wants to follow in the footsteps of Warrington greats


Rhys Evans has said that he wants himself and right-edge partner Tom Lineham to strike up a partnership strong enough to live up to famous Warrington greats.

The centre has started the 2016 season in good form making nine appearances, and has already developed an ever-growing relationship with new signing Tom Lineham, who joined the club from Hull FC in the off-season.

The 23 year-old has said that if the partnership between them continues in the way it has started the season, then they could be spoke about in the same breath as the likes of Martin Glesson and Chris Hicks, aswell as Chris Bridge and Joel Monaghan in recent times. 

“We always want to aspire to be mentioned in the same breath as players like them, they did the Warrington shirt a lot of justice over the years,” Evans told the Warrington Guardian. 

“Hopefully when our careers are done we can be looked upon in the same light. Tommy’s been playing well and he’s been scoring a lot of tries recently and we’ve been getting a lot of joy down both edges.

“He’s got so much physicality, he’s a big lad, very strong and an excellent finisher. I feel I’ve been playing well but there’s always things you can improve on, both individually and as a team.”