Escare included in France squad

Morgan Escare is fit enough to play for France in this year’s European Championship, and he is joined in Richard Agar’s squad by seven other Catalan Dragons.

Thomas Bosc, Greg Mounis and former skipper Olivier Elima are not included, however. Jason Baitieri is captain.

William Barthau, set to join London in 2015, is included, as are Theo Fages of Salford and Kevin Larroyer of Hull KR.

Clement Soubeyras (AS Carcassonne), Jason Baitieri, Julian Bousquet, Damien Cardace, Vincent Duport, Morgan Escare, Benjamin Garcia, Antony Maria, Eloi Pelissier (Dragons Catalans), Kevin Larroyer (Hull KR), John Boudebza, Anthony Carrere, Jamal Fakir (FC Lezignan XIII), Remy Marginet, Frederic Vaccari (Palau), Theo Fages (Salford), Jean-Philippe Baile, William Barthau, Thibaud Margalet, Matthias Pala, Mikhael Simon (St-Estève XIII Catalan), Benjamin Jullien (SO Avignon XIII), Aurelien Decarnin (Villeneuve-sur-Lot XIII)

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