Donaldson: There are no second chances

Forward James Donaldson says he can’t see Super League without Hull KR in it.

Hull KR and Salford will do battle tomorrow with Super League survival up for grabs.

Donaldson says his side are under no illusion about what is at stake in the Million Pound Game.

“Livelihoods are on the line,” Donaldson told Love Rugby League.

“It is not just a hobby, people have families and children to provide for.

“I think we have a really good chance of coming through the match and getting a positive result.”

Missing out on the final automatic spot by one point had a huge impact on Hull KR, Donaldson admitted.

“The moment we realized we had just missed out was horrible,” he said.

“We all felt absolutely awful. It hurt for a few days.”

Defeat by such a slender margin by Huddersfield might have been painful, but Donaldson admitted they have swiftly turned their attention to the Million Pound Game.

“We have quickly moved on from the weekend’s defeat,” he said.

“The atmosphere has changed because we can’t dwell on last weekend.

“The game this weekend is not just massive for Hull KR but the town as well.

“They have built up from the bottom which has taken time and are really professional as a club so it would be a massive loss. I can’t see Super League without Hull KR.”

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