Coyle curses injury luck

Whitehaven coach James Coyle believes the long list of players out injured has had a negative effect on recent performances of his team.

“At the minute we’re struggling with injuries and not looking like we’re going to get anyone back,” Coyle said.

“We’re under a bit of pressure to get some results. We’ve played some good stuff this year.

“I don’t think we’ve been a poor team, our performances haven’t been poor.
“We’ve had some bad days but on the whole I think we’ve made improvements in the way we’re playing the game but we’ve not been getting the results.
“Now we’re in a situation where we’re depleted and we’ve got to find a way of getting a win.”
Whiethaven taken on Workington Town this weekend in a Cumbrian clash.

Coyle thinks the derby will be decided by which team shows the most grit and determination.
“It just boils down to who wants to work the hardest for the longest.
“It’s a really tight pitch, there’s isn’t much room for flair or getting around people, you’ve got to play through them, be really direct and aggressive in the way you play.
“That’s something that Town are pretty good at and I’m surprised they haven’t picked up a couple more wins, they’ve been really close on a couple of occasions similar to ourselves.
“The table tells you they are a poor side but really, performances might suggest otherwise. It should be good.”
Workington coach Phil Veivers was happy his side secured a victory last week and thinks it will give them a much-needed boost ahead of the local clash against Whitehaven.
“I was really happy that we got a win for the players, it was good for the boys to have a smile on their faces.
“We’re both in the mire and striving to get out of it. If we can win our last two games that would get us in a situation where we’re on the coat-tails of everyone above us. It’s still a tough job.
“They are four points clear of us at the moment and three away from safety so it’s huge for them, just as it is for us.”



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