Councillor blasts Wakefield stadium decision

Labour Councillor Clive Hudson has expressed his disappointment at the latest setback to plans for a new stadium for Wakefield Wildcats.

Plans for a community stadium at Newmarket were called in by the government office for a public enquiry, it was confirmed yesterday, and Cllr Hudson was left bemused by the decision.

He said: “Given that the original decision of all the political parties at the planning meeting was a unanimous one I have to say I am bitterly disappointed that the Newmarket scheme has been called in by the Government office for a public enquiry.

“Wakefield Council has received thousands of signatures in support of the Newmarket development, so for all the Tory Governments talk about giving power to the communities and on the same day as they published their ‘localism’ bill, this appears to contradict their own localism policy.
“However, local Labour councillors will continue to press for this important development for the local economy, opportunities for local sports groups and the Wakefield Wildcats.”

The Wildcats may now press on with contigency plans to share with Barnsley football club in a bid to preserve their Super League status.

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