Closure at Last

Thank goodness for that.

Eastmond the Rugby League player will soon be no more! Perhaps now he can knuckle down and enjoy his last season in the sport. Saints deserve a good campaign from him for all the development work they have done with him. I also hope that St Helens will receive a fee for his services.

Will he be a success in the other code? It’s too early to say. I can’t even think of a position for him in Union. I can’t see him as a halfback in that game and while people have likened his running style to Jason Robinson, I can’t see wing suiting him.  He’s also going to have to go some to get near displacing Ben Foden in the England fullback jumper.

I hope for his sake that he’s made the right choice. Mind you Rugby League keeps it’s borders open unlike the disgraceful way that Union clubs used to behave before that sport went openly professional in 1995.

What it does do now, is offer St Helens closure. Perhaps now the team can get back to doing what it does best. The question remains though, who will step into Kyle’s boots at the end of the season?

St Helens do have a couple of options in my eyes. Jonny Lomax has shown his versatility and skills already while young Makinson and Gaskell also wait in the wings, but I have a feeling that Saints could well look overseas and depending on the outcome of his club disciplinary with NRL’s Roosters, perhaps Todd Carney will come into focus.

Sadly as far as that player is concerned, he has a history of alcohol fuelled incidents behind him so he would hardly come over here with the best of reputations, plus the other issue would be whether he would actually be allowed in the country, afterall, the talented player did agree to join Huddersfield a while ago only to be denied by our border control.

One thing is for sure, with Eastmond off into the sunset, the scene is set for another player to make his name under the “red v”.

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