Christmas guide to rugby league books in 2013

Neil Barraclough

Looking for a rugby league gift this Christmas? Here’s our list of the books released over the last 12 months…


Rugby League Yearbook 2013, by Tim Butcher and Daniel Spencer

Darren Lockyer – Autobiography, by Darren Lockyer and Dan Koch

Off The Cuff: The Lee Briers Autobiography, by Lee Briers and Mike Appleton

Rugby League: A Critical History 1980 – 2013, by Richard De La Riviere

The Official Super League Annual 2014, by Neil Barraclough

Through Adversity: The Fight For Rugby League In The RAF, by Damian Clayton

Learning Curve: The Story Of Student Rugby League, by Dave Hadfield

Big Jim: Jim Mills – A Rugby Giant, by Peter Lush and Maurice Bamford (Kindle edition available here)

Soldiers’ League: The Story Of Army Rugby League, by Sean Fanning (Kindle edition available here)

They Walked On Water: The Untold Story Of Wembley 1968, by David Hinchliffe

slannual2014No Helmets Required: The Remarkable Story Of The American All Stars, by Gavin Willacy (Kindle edition available here)

Heading For The Line, by Michael Miles (Kindle edition available here)

Rugby League In The Seventies, by Harry Edgar

Making Up The Numbers: The Clubs That Hoped To Be Giant Killers, by Stuart Sheard

Rugby League Back o’ t’ Wall – A History of Sharlston Rovers ARLFC, by Graham Chalkley



Broken Time: The Complete Script, by Mick Martin

Two Seasons, by Geoff Lee (Kindle edition available here)

Rugby Football: A United Game, by Peter Lush (Kindle edition available here)

What’s A Bear To Wear, by Tom Palmer

Haka Boy: A Rugby League Story, by Tom Palmer


Computer Games

Rugby League Live 2 World Cup Edition