Championship and League One Advisory Group: We will reject RFL proposal at EGM

Alex Yoxall

The Championship and League One Advisory Group held a press conference at Odsal Stadium this afternoon and categorically expressed their intentions to reject the RFL’s proposal at the EGM on Friday.

The ongoing debating, arguing and bickering between rugby league clubs is set to rumble on as the Championship and League One Advisory Group confirmed this afternoon in a press conference.

They confirmed their stance that the RFL and Super League proposal will be rejected by a ‘large number’ of lower league clubs.

They instead suggested that a 14-team Super League would be preferred, as Bradford chairman Andrew Chalmers stated in an opening statement:

‘A 14 team Super League with 1 up and 1 down, with the 13th placed team playing in a million pound game, is the way to go.’

The vote is due to take place at the EGM on Friday, but the ballot is due to be anonymous.

Kevin Nicholas believes that the plans for the ballot to be secret are wrong and that such a monumental decision needs to be open – so that everyone knows where people stand in the sport.

“I simply think everyone in the sport deserves to know where everyone stands”

Mark Campbell believes that the RFL have “sat on the fence” throughout the entire argument and some Super League clubs have employed “bullying tactics”.

One thing is for certain – the structure fiasco is not set to be resolved and those thinking the sport will be able to draw a line in the sand this Friday, may be bitterly, bitterly disappointed.

What do you think should happen to the structure? Comment below your thoughts and ideas!