Cash the carrot for Marshall’s Halifax

Halifax coach Richard Marshall has acknowledged that prize money is keeping his club motivated, as they prepare to face Sheffield Eagles in their final fixture of the Qualifiers this weekend.

Halifax are currently in seventh place, which, if they stayed there once the fixtures are completed, would entitle them to £500,000 prize money.

If they were to beat Sheffield on Sunday at Bramall Lane, then Halifax would give themselves a chance of finishing sixth, which would mean a prize pot of £787,000.

Defeat, and other results going the wrong way, could see Fax finish bottom of the middle 8s, and receive £450,000.

“The benefits of finishing higher are substantial funding for next year,” said Fax coach Richard Marshall, according to the Halifax Courier.

“Saturday will be a good game, a good derby and there’s a massive and significant financial carrot for us.

“If we were to get there, it would be great; if we don’t, we can be well pleased with what we’ve achieved already this year.”

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