Carney could finish his career in England


New Salford signing Todd Carney says Super League has yet to see the best of him and he could end up playing the rest of his career in the UK.

Carney has spent the past two seasons with Catalans, often limited by injury.

A return to the NRL was blocked and the Australian stand-off signed a one-year deal with Salford.

“The first thing we spoke about when I signed was doing a number of years, but my focus was to come here and prove that I’m capable of making the team and getting back to the best of my ability as player,” Carney said.

“Once I do that, we can then speak about the long term. First and foremost I just want to get out and play some really good football and get back to the top of the tree which I know I can do.

“I definitely have a lot more to give.”

Carney has had a chequered past in the NRL after being kicked out of three clubs.

But the playmaker said he has problem with the on-field and off-field standards set by Red Devils boss Ian Watson.

“Ian likes to be straight forward and before I signed he laid down the way he likes to coach and the culture he’s got here and the direction the club is going,” Carney said.

“He was pretty vocal about the standards off the field and I assured him that wasn’t going to be an issue for me. As you get older, everything changes.

“The main issue for me is getting my fitness up and getting out there and playing football.

“I feel that every club I go to I have a responsibility to deliver on and off the field.

“Most of all, definitely on the field as a player, and then you’ve got to live up to his goals and standards off the field.

“Ian made that pretty clear and as have the players, and it’s good coming from the players as they are the ones that lead the group.”