Burgess enjoying speedy NRL surfaces

Joe Burgess says he is getting used to the quicker NRL grounds and feels his fitness has improved since his move down under.

The English winger swapped Wigan for the Roosters at the end of 2015.

Burgess has scored two tries in three appearances and made two line breaks.

He admitted to NRL.com that he struggled with the Australian summer when he first arrived in Sydney.

“At first it was the weather. I did struggle at first; I’m not going to lie,” he said.

“21 or 22 degrees back home would be shirts off and barbeque weather but that’s just a normal day in May over here. But I quickly acclimatised so even now this weather is starting to feel cool.”

“It’s unbelievable how much it actually helps you, especially your fitness.”

Burgess said he is enjoying player on speedier and dryer pitches.

“It’s not just the players’ athleticism that makes the game faster, but the grounds themselves speed everything up,” he said.

“Don’t get me wrong, I think you do get a good three or four games during the season in the Super League where the grounds are fast and the teams are better but every game I’ve played here has been so fast and I think it’s the grounds that help that.

“I think one of my strengths comes on the back of kicking. I do like getting up for the ball and there are more opportunities to do that over here.

“I think the speed of the game here plays into my hands. The speed of the ground is a lot better for me rather than the mud bogs back home.”

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