Brian Carney questions bold New York plans for 2021

James Gordon

Sky Sports presenter Brian Carney says he will “swim to New York towing a barrel of shark food”, if any of the plans outlined by the city’s new rugby league team for 2021 come off.

Hot on the heels of the launch of Ottawa Aces, New York hosted a press conference in Liverpool earlier this week to reveal their plans for entry in to League One, currently slated for 2022.

They have apparently been prevented from joining in 2021, due to the presence of the Aces, but have instead lined up a number of exhibition matches they claim – including against NRL clubs.

Carney said: “They’ve said they’re going to operate a full-time squad next year, that’s before they have a league to be in!

“They’re going to play Challenge Cup, they’re going to play three friendlies against NRL clubs next February. They’re going to have 25-30 matches which will be friendlies next year, they’re not even in a competition!

“I will swim to New York towing a barrel of shark food behind me if any of that happens next year.

“That’s my say on the New York bid.”