Bradford appoint Garreth Carvell as assistant coach

James Gordon

Bradford have appointed Garreth Carvell as assistant coach and reserves boss.

Carvell, 38, is reunited with John Kear, who he has worked under for both the Wales national team and as a player at Hull.

Kear told the club’s official website: “We are really pleased. We have greater commitments with the numbers of teams that we are taking on board with a regular basis this year.

“Leigh Beattie and Mark Dunning are doing great jobs, but they are overworked, and I acknowledge that. So, we have recruited more personnel to look after the extra games and have an input on the first team.

“Garreth has been my assistant at Wales for the last five years, so I know exactly what he does bring to the group. I know what I can tip him off on and what I can ask him to have a certain word with people about.

“He has a great pedigree, he is a great coach and he has worked well at Wales with myself. He wanted the opportunity with us, we’ve given him one and I feel that he will seize it with us.”

Carvell will be one of three assistants to Kear, alongside Leigh Beattie and Mark Dunning.

He retired from playing in 2015 after making more than 300 appearances for Leeds, Gateshead, Hull, Warrington, Castleford and Featherstone.