Betts rues tough calls

Widnes coach Denis Betts pointed to two calls against his team that proved costly in the 28-14 defeat to Warrington.

The Vikings led 14-6 early in the second half but succumbed to defeat in the opening game of The Qualifiers.

Betts said: “It was a tough game. If we take our opportunities, then it looks like a different game.

“There are a couple of tough calls. If this game was on TV, then two of their tries aren’t scored tonight.

“First try of the game, Ratchford knocks on in the air and they score off the scrum. We’re getting some tough decisions against us that we’re having to ride.”

Betts also pointed to individual errors in his side’s second half performance, citing Gil Dudson jumping out of the line for Dec Patton’s gamebreaking try.

He added: “We competed throughout we just dropped out towards the end. We made two errors late on, one on the last tackle we just didn’t recognise the tackle count, and then jumping the line on the goal line. Two effort things really to solve problems that weren’t there.”

Betts also commented on how his plans for the game had been ripped up on Thursday night by the news that Rangi Chase had been suspended after failing a drugs test.

Danny Craven, who had been carrying a calf injury, stepped up to start and play the full game, while Jordan Johnstone was drafted in on the bench.

Betts said: “It’s not ideal. That’s an understatement really. The lads handled it really well. It’s just another thing in our way that we’ll have to get over.

“Danny was excited to get that opportunity and JJ was pleased too. The pace of the game just caught up with everybody.

“I’ve not spoke to Rangi. I’m not disappointed really. The only person that should be disappointed is Rangi.”

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  1. Sorry Dennis but if you were shune Wayne mate you would no what tuff calls we’re mate we have it every week but we still get fans what say we get away with everything we’ll the answer to that is just watch the Salford game in the cup and that’s just one game the is about half a dozen I can think of but let’s not go down that road because the is not one ref in the league that is good at the minute but I just hope we don’t get Ben tailer or James child’s for the cup final

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